Wireless solutions

Wireless solutions

SHABKATI introduces great wireless solutions that give you the ability to access network resources from anywhere and anytime. We avoid the cost of cabling infrastructure by providing wireless solutions with good quality of experience the same as you use wired solutions. You can integrate all mobile devices into the workplace easily and securely.

Shabkati provides access points using advanced 802.11ax and 802.11n/ac technologies. Also, you will establish a high-speed, reliable, secure wireless network to support nearly any business environment and you won’t need time to up your wireless network it is easy to deploy and manage.

 Our wireless network solutions include the following:

  • All types of Access Points (Outdoor, Indoor, and Industrial).
  • Wireless LAN Controllers.
  • Cloud Managed Access Points.
  • Wireless LAN Management.

How? It’s complicated

You need to consider every aspect of the way your business runs including people, core operations, every experience for your customers, and making technology work for you while developing strategies that not only transform your business but shape the entire market.

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