Switching solutions

Switching solutions

Shabkati provides different types of switching solutions, depending on our clients’ needs.

Switching solution provides secure, scalable Ethernet access for your wired and wireless devices and puts your LAN connectivity fully under your control.

Our switching portfolio divide into three main categories;

  • Small-Medium Business: SMB is always used in small and medium-sized companies. This switch is relative to some large, high-end switches. SMB switches support common Layer 2 protocols, Static Layer3, PoE, and PoE+, and it’s suitable for branches that have small to medium traffic data. There are two main types of SMB Managed and unmanaged.
  • Enterprise: This switch is used in large companies and campuses. These switches support Layer2, Layer3, Stackable, PoE, PoE+, UPoE, and more features. Enterprise switches have high performance, fixed/modular interfaces, and uplinks up to 100Gpbs.
  • Cloud solution: With cloud management, thousands of switch ports can be configured and monitored instantly thousands of stacked ports simultaneously with zero-touch provisioning., over the web. Provision remote sites without on-site IT, deploy network-wide configuration changes, and easily manage campus and distributed networks without training or dedicated staff. Meraki provides (Access, Stack, and Aggregation) switches.

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