Network monitoring solution

Your organization needs various network devices such as routers, wireless access points, switches, repeaters, and more to provide good network connectivity and performance to the workforce. Emerging technologies like wireless, IoT (internet of things), cloud, and VPN have broadened the networking spectrum for data transfer, mobile or remote communication, and service delivery. Network elements and […]

Cloud-managed network solutions

In place of traditional command-line-based network configuration, Shabkati provides a rich web-based dashboard, providing safety, scalability, mobility, visibility, and work around anywhere in the world. Shabkati is a partner with Cisco Meraki, which consider a leader in this field. Meraki’s cloud-based management provides centralized visibility & control over Meraki’s wired & wireless networking hardware, without […]

Unified Communications & Collaboration

COLLABORATE AND COMMUNICATE IN REAL-TIME, FROM ANYWHERE Mobile-device management, file-sharing and -management tools, and other communication and collaboration tools allow clients, students, users, and administrators to work when and where they need to. Unified communications (UC) involve the process of integrating real-time communication services such as chatting, telephony (including IP telephony), video conferencing, and call […]

Wireless solutions

SHABKATI introduces great wireless solutions that give you the ability to access network resources from anywhere and anytime. We avoid the cost of cabling infrastructure by providing wireless solutions with good quality of experience the same as you use wired solutions. You can integrate all mobile devices into the workplace easily and securely. Shabkati provides […]

Routing solutions

Shabkati provides different types of routers to ensure reliability, scalability, and high performance for WAN, to cover all the client needs. Shabkati introduce routers with multi-functions like routing, hosting, security, switching, and application visibility all in a single, trustworthy platform, Shabkati provides ISR (Integrated Services Routers), ASR (Aggregation Services Routers), which quickly adopt advanced technologies […]

Switching solutions

Shabkati provides different types of switching solutions, depending on our clients’ needs. Switching solution provides secure, scalable Ethernet access for your wired and wireless devices and puts your LAN connectivity fully under your control. Our switching portfolio divide into three main categories; Small-Medium Business: SMB is always used in small and medium-sized companies. This switch […]