About us

Shabkati Network Solutions, a key player within the Distribution Oriented Technologies (DOT) Group, operates across the diverse spectrum of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). With a robust presence in over 30 countries, our operations span from our home base in Jordan to various regions including Africa, Asia, South Europe, and the MENA region.

Specializing in the design and installation of comprehensive network solutions, Shabkati offers an extensive range of services covering all aspects of network infrastructure. From security, routing, and switching to wireless and voice communications, we ensure all active network components meet our clients’ rigorous standards. Moreover, our expertise extends to passive network elements, providing complete structured cabling systems encompassing both copper and fiber solutions along with all related accessories.

With over a decade of experience in the ICT sector, Shabkati has built a reputation for reliability and trust, becoming a preferred partner in every transaction. Our commitment to excellence has propelled our expansion, notably with the establishment of a new branch in Saudi Arabia, further solidifying our position as a leader in network solutions.




The Backbone of Your Digital World


Redundant Solutions

Shabkati can provide Redundant solutions and give full advice and recommended configurations to your network.

Highest quality products

We always consider the worst-case scenario for any deployment and take measures to minimize risk by using only the highest quality products.

Long experience

We have supplied hundreds of enterprise and SMB customers in Jordan and KSA.